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Mike did an absolutely wonderful job of marketing the property and guiding everyone who was involved through the process. His expert marketing in multiple channels attracted the right buyer. His process expertise and responsiveness came into play again and again throughout the entire process. He has an excellent manner of communication that was crucial to aligning all of the many key players involved to make a complex deal come to fruition successfully. This property was initially listed with a less-experienced realtor which yielded no positive results, putting us and the property in a poor position. So things were going poorly before we contacted Mike, and he completely turned the situation around for us. Mike was the polar opposite of that initial experience: He went into action immediately with a comprehensive marketing campaign. He responded immediately to every inquiry we made of him. He handled all communications with remarkable clarity, sensitivity and grace. He made excellent marketing decisions that were tailored specifically to the unique characteristics of our property. He handled all of the stake-holders expertly in what was a very complicated landscape of estate lawyers, co-executors, and other service providers. Other realtors may have had similar process expertise, but I believe that Mike’s active marketing methods and especially his clear, gentle and timely communication skills are what made the difference for us. Without his unique combination of skills, it is likely that the property would have continued to remain unsold. We are so very fortunate to have found Mike, and we are so appreciative of what he did for us.
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