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John Genovese

John Genovese
Mike was my buyer’s agent 20 years ago when I bought the house that we just sold. I was so impressed with him back then that when it became time to sell the house, he was the first realtor that I contacted. I interviewed a few other local “hot shot” realtors but with them I got the feeling that they did not have my best interest at heart. They just wanted another notch on their belt (and quick money in their wallet.) With Mike I never felt that way. From the start, he listened to my ideas and gave me guidance that made sense. Mike is very smart and has a laid back style. Selling a house that you have been in for a long time is very stressful. Not only did Mike have to do all of the things that realtors do, but he also had to keep me sane. When I would get all charged up because someone lowballed an offer or because I needed to spend money to fix something, he would calmly remind me that this is a business transaction. Mike’s demeanor is exactly what is needed while you are going through the process. Had I hired one of the other fast talking, high energy realtors, I would not have made it through the process. Mike deserves every penny that I paid him. Other realtors wanted me to list my house for much less than what it sold for. Those realtors may sell a lot of house, but they are leaving YOUR money on the table. Mile is he a true professional and he is a VERY nice man. If you need a realtor, do yourself a huge favor. CALL Mike Spillane!!!
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